Office work

03.08.2023, 14:53


In the last three years we have seen a significant change in our way of working moving away from the el clasico “8-5 program”  to an around clock working schedule.

Office work has faced quite a big transformation with physical place of work changed from a fixed given place to an any place …whether is coffee place, hotel lobby, terrace or on top of a mountain. You name it – almost any place was good enough to work and hold meetings provided you had a laptop and internet connection.

Everybody was taken by surprise by the sudden change especially that we had to adapt and make that switch within a week or two. Companies were rather hesitant in the beginning to allow employees  to work from home or other remote location. However this proved to be quite efficient and most of businesses experienced little interruptions and many times rather increase in productivity.

Many employees were reluctant as well but soon started to appreciate the benefits of working remotely.

Let’s explore together the ups and downs of working remotely, the experiences we have had so far and the way we can all improve and benefit from it.