📢 How to set SMART goals for your business in a coworking environment

18.01.2024, 11:33


"Time is money" and timing in business is reflected in results and future projections. ⏱ Everything is done in time and takes time. Time management, effort management and space management compose and define the way of action in business for the leadership.

👉 Therefore, we propose to look in perspective on how to set and fulfill your SMART business objectives in a coworking space, dedicated to dynamic and autonomous professionals.

But first, let us attempt to describe the dimensions based on which we define our own SMART goals.

1. The first thought is to capitalize on what the coworking space offers for future business expansion in  both time and space. The supportive factors provided by coworking spaces are genuinely satisfactory, because here we have the origin of their appearance, namely the general support of needs in the business field. We strongly recommend a prior consultation of the concrete benefits and facilities the space offers, ensuring they are in accordance with the actual needs. Once again, prioritizing space management is crucial, and we must know how to take advantage of it to the maximum. All the more as we also consider the working conditions for our employees and collaborators.

2. Design and encourage next partnerships - surround yourself with dynamic and pro-active people. Beyond any other characteristic of coworking, this opportunity to work in spaces frequented by professionals from all corners of the world, all focused on business, provides a chance of immense profitability. Take the initiative to formulate your goals and open your horizons simultaneously. Interconnectivity and interdependence define the era in which we live, so let's seize the opportunity! Meeting representatives from related professional fields proves highly favorable for business expansion. Just think that in most coworking spaces, where individuals frequently travel for business, you could reap international opportunities to develop and promote your business.

3. The flexible character of these spaces, if we think about it, makes us enjoy maximum freedom of movement and action. In our view, it represents perhaps the most important characteristic of the flexible work concept. Being able to vary and alternate permanently, we are happy that we can develop in accordance with the way our business evolves: if for a certain period I need to work longer and more intensively, with a need for a wider space for me and the team, then I am free to choose the space accordingly. And if for another time sequence I or my team have less work, then nothing keeps me tied to the rented work space and I only have to pay for as long as I need. This freedom is priceless, because the business world is mobile, flexible, with unexpected evolutions in time, oscillating, diverse, so the space and the way to adapt to it I need them to respond exactly to this mission. Whether I have to organize the work of the team or meet with the team in an efficient setting, this requires a lot of adaptability.

4. Reducing expenses is a significant advantage because coworking, by virtue of its excellence, offers a perfect alternative to conventional fixed offices with long-term responsibilities. Coworking spaces often include equipment and technical facilities, which means eliminating various monthly/periodic expenses for entrepreneurs, such as Internet, technical equipment, heating, A/C. This much optimized investment contrasts favorably with the costs associated with the classic fixed office model.


In conclusion, let's map them with examples:

✔ Specific – let’s grow the business, get a strong regional name using this adaptable, dynamic workframe.

✔ Measurable – let’s develop and expand the team and enter at least one external market. This will be achieved by actively increasing our network of new partners.

✔ Achievable – let’s reduce technical expenses associated with headquarters, allowing for rational investments in materials, advertising, and other essential areas.

✔ Relevant – let’s strengthen partnerships relevant to our business and establish tangible connections with domains that can offer support, such as collaborating with an advertising company.

✔ Time-Based – let’s optimize time management at work by making timely reservations in places that now and here serve our interests, recognizing the substantial gains associated with this approach.

The tools designed by Desk-Hub are specially dedicated to optimizing the time, space and energy you put into your business, in whatever area you carry out your professional activity. This is because thriving careers are based on effective and competitive management.

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