Current and Future Trends in Coworking

03.08.2023, 14:54


The way we work has drastically changed over the last few years and as a result, coworking spaces have been continuously adapting to the different needs of their current and potential future customers.

Some of the most popular trends in coworking are the following:

Additional Services

Most people are familiar with coworking spaces offering coffee and tea services or having a gym on the premises. Nowadays, some coworking spaces are going beyond these and offering some more “out of the box” services such as babysitting, pet-friendly offices, and mentoring services.

Cutting-edge and Innovative Work Environments

Gone are the days of the boring beige cubicle office. Coworking spaces are opting for working spaces with innovative and alluring designs. The most popular design trends for coworking spaces are currently open-plan spaces (with private office spaces too) featuring a lot of natural elements such as plants and artificial waterfalls.

Specialized Coworking Spaces

The one size fits all mentality for working spaces is a thing of the past. Nowadays you can find highly specialized coworking spaces for people working in a wide variety of fields. For example, some coworking spaces aim to attract members who work in artistic fields such as art, music, or podcasts by offering studio spaces or recording booths.

Corporations using Coworking Spaces

With more and more corporate employees following a hybrid workstyle, corporations have started partnering with coworking spaces to offer their employees a “third space” from which they can work. These employees can choose to work from their company’s office, their home, or, if they prefer, a coworking space.

Digital Marketing

Perhaps one of the most important trends in coworking nowadays is the use of digital marketing. Coworking spaces are heavily relying on digital marketing to attract potential customers to their unique spaces. The use of digital marketing is incredibly important to the success of coworking spaces so working with platforms such as, which advertise spaces on behalf of coworking companies, is the smart way to go.